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Battlepipes - who are we?

Battlepipes! is an ensemble of pipers, drummers and highland dancers that have got together to develop shows and performances that celebrate pipers and piping during many wars and conflicts together with the popular music of the day. Some of these tunes have not been heard on bagpipes previously! We also include the more formal regimental marches of the Scottish Regiments and their battletunes when going into conflict. On a lighter side are some very popular tunes that everyone wants to hear.

Battlepipes - the story

Battlepipes! tells the story of pipers and their role in war time. More can be found later on this website.

Our show normally begins with the story of a Regimental piper returning from battle. Lost and weary. A little bedraggled. He begins to play the tune The Battles Over. This tune is often traditionally played after a battle. The piper appears to be alone and lost. Forlorn. The tune sounds like a dirge. However, one by one other pipers appear out of the wilderness and join him. At last the dirge turns upbeat and the pipers play a lively finish now accompanied by drummers. That's it. The show begins.

Battlepipes - what do we do

What do battlepipes! do? Well, we dress in items of uniform that would be typical of what pipers (and drummers) would have worn during World War II. We do not try to replicate any one regiment or dress code. We are primarily a show band and play 'sets' of music that are a mixture of regimental tunes, popular tunes of the 40s and other times of conflict as well as the good old Family Favourites that everyone comes to expect when hearing bagpipes being played. We are accompanied by talented drummers playing side drums and tenor drums to nicely enhance the sound. We are also accompanied by very talented and accomplished highland dancers who dance to the regimental tunes and some of the other popular music. These dancers add a most dynamic and visual appearance to our shows.

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